Special Thanks

My Family: Special thanks to my wonderful wife and kids. They are my inspiration! We are having so much fun with this and it also helps us all to give back to people in need and support worthy causes. Above all, I give God all thanks for this inspiration and the desires he puts in my heart. Did you know that the word "desire" actually means, from the Father?

Miraculous Love Kids: This is my nephew's life project! We support him for this amazing cause and his efforts. This is taken from his website and tells a bit more about the project: "Since 2010, Lanny has followed the songline from Karachi to Kabul in his quest to help give a voice to kids living in poverty-stricken areas and war zones. He has collaborated with musicians from Slash, Gilby Clarke, Donovan Leitch, Mark McGrath, Gina Gershon and Sen Dog from Cypress Hill to renowned Pakistani singers Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sain Zahoor, Abida Parveen and Sanam Marvi — all with the aim of raising awareness, resources and funds for some of the poorest children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In his travels, Lanny has had the good fortune to listen, learn, play for, jam with and teach many of these Miraculous Love Kids".

Judge Fite Charitable Foundation: I am a REALTOR® for Judge Fite Century 21 and loving it! They raise money and donate to people that have lost their homes due to fire and other catastrophes. We are now donating to them and as things grow, we hope to have even more charity partners!

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: A massive international network to support humanitarian efforts in times of disaster and crisis. We are seeing this in action now with the Turkey/Syria Earthquake of 2023.

Pleasant Hill / Goshen Fire & Rescue: I am a remote volunteer for them, helping them out with marketing/advertisement projects when they need me. I am very thankful for the service they do. This is right in my home town area of Eugene, Oregon.

A3C Stake Pool: Shawn is an asset to the Cardano Community! He has such a passion and a desire to help people. He helped me with the start of Fire Animalz because I had no idea what I was doing and honestly I still don't. He helped me to re-center myself and focus on what my true goals are. Lots of great tips too! Please consider staking your Cardano with them!

Pudgy Token: The community over at Pudgy is so fun. If you love animals or specifically cats, you will love hanging out there. Lots of fun and very inspiring. They gave me the inspiration to start looking at doing animal NFTs and thinking outside the litter box.

Hero Stake Pool and Cardano Over Coffee: A great stake pool that donates to First Responders Children's Foundation. We band together with them because it is such a worthy cause. They also host Cardano Over Coffee (COC).

Midjourney AI: Gave me the tools to have fun with some AI graphics artwork. My kids and I have been having a lot of fun with it! We plan on doing a whole lot more with it as well.