Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my paws on these NFTs?

They are available at the, depending on availability. Click here to visit the store:

How many NFTs will be in the Rookie Squad A collection. Is it 21 or 99 or something in between?

We capped the project at 99 pieces only and since things have done so well, we are minting all the way to the 99 piece limit! This of course means that we are able to make some great charitable contributions as well as pay for some software tools. 

Where do the donations go?

Charity ADA will be swapped directly to USD and sent to supported charitable groups. As of 2/4/23, we just made our first charitable contribution to our chosen donor: the Judge Fite Charitable Foundation.

As of March 5, 2023 an additional donation will go back to the community, stored in a wallet using ADA Handle $faz_community

Charities have been happening about twice a month up to this point.

After a charitable donation has been made, any residual will be transferred from the $fireanimalz wallet to a personal wallet that is staked with one of our friendly, Stake Pool Operators. These funds are considered family profits but most likely, will end up back in the Fire Animalz project somehow or be used in the Cardano ecosystem. 

All ADA from NFT sales are initially kept here:$fireanimalz - using ADA Handle $fireanimalz

Main Donations Page to see all contributions to date: Donations (note: there are multiple tabs to this spreadsheet with more information and details down to the transaction for full disclosure and transparency).

Supported Charities: Supported Charities 

Charity Submission Blog (summary of contributions made): Charity Submissions

What is Cardano?

It is a third generation, Proof Of Stake blockchain framework that is chosen for its amazing structure, resiliency, cost-effectiveness and many use cases. For more information, please visit: