Miraculous Love Kids Fire Animalz Donation #2

Apr 24, 2023 

A second donation to the Miraculous Love Kids. We had some fun giveaways to help raise some money and did some 100% match so this time and for the first time, we met our minimum! We are so proud of our community and the heart of this project. Thank you!

Miraculous Love Kids Fire Animalz Donation

Mar 11, 2023 

This is our very first donation to the Miraculous Love Kids! What a great need and cause. We almost hit the minimum this time, thanks to increasing the donation rate and also the number of NFTs sold.

St. Valentine's Day (2nd Fire Animalz donation!)

Feb 14, 2023 

This is now our second donation. Figured that today is such an appropriate day to do it and the support has been very good. We also increased the charity rate from 10% to 12% of NFT profits. It has been more than that actually because both of these donations made were below minimum.

Personal Contribution To Bates House Fire 2023 (GoFundMe)

Feb 14, 2023 

This house fire happened right in our Twitter community. There is a GoFundMe set up here.

Personal Contribution To Turkey/Syria Earthquake 2023

Feb 6, 2023 

We have seen a couple extremely powerful earthquakes rock Turkey and Syria earlier today and yesterday. Thousands of people have died as a result. Buildings falling to the ground. Power outages. Total disaster. We need to pray and help however we can. We did our first donation today out of our own wallets. We have also offered to custom build one NFT as a giveaway to anyone who will contribute to the cause. I know there are many people that are helping now! We trust Red Cross / Red Cresent as they are already there now with boots on the ground.

First Charity Contribution!

Feb 4, 2023 

Today marks the day that we made our very first charitable contribution to the Judge Fite Charitable Foundation! It feels so good to be a part of this and if you are reading this, you are a part of the movement too! Way to go!