Blog: May 2023

May 27, 2023: I had an open house today and well, it was a little slow. So I was able to knock out the rest of the remaining 29 NFT assets. Some of these were already created by my son Isaiah (robot spiders!) Really can't wait. It has been about 4 months now since this first release started. So many things have been done and we are just getting started. This paved the way for what is to come. Going to do a lot of things with a blank slate. Looking into things like hand drawn artwork from momma and the kids. Maybe music? Layering definitely. Mixed media, most likely with AI! Vending style release, yup for sure. Most importantly though is that we continue to have fun, keep the energy up, keep the donations flowing and switch gears into creativity. I really want to focus on connecting with people more, not to advertise and pump, but to actually have real interactions and support the community even more. 

May 16, 2023: We were able to cross off coordinated giveaways off the checklist. Moving forward. I did decide to move a couple things back on the roadmap just to give us some breathing room. We are in no rush and I don't want to put out anything less that the best. Really feel like we need to focus on engagement more and get more community involvement and interactions.

May 15, 2023: We are entering a new phase for Fire Animalz. The era of giveaways and more utility. NFT holders that have their wallets verified will now be able to exclusively participate in Discord for giveaways. The first one went live yesterday as a test and another one is up and running right now. This is a step forward in how we can spend/distribute funds from the community wallet as well.

May 11, 2023: Many good personal things going on behind the scenes but things keep moving for Fire Animalz. Just today we got our own channel in the Cardano Art Collective. Looking forward to seeing what happens from there. Many great talented individuals, all creating. Getting some great ideas for future minting as well. Everything is brewing in its time.

May 3, 2023: Updating blog for May. Have been doing some daily consistent Tweets that has been fun. They are quick, easy and engaging. Just have not had a lot of time to devote to further minting lately. We do have some great ideas produced and will just take a day to devote to minting those to life.