Blog: March 2023

Mar 31, 2023: Just added Flipr to the front page and expanded blog section for new month. Getting ready for next gear.

Mar 30, 2023: Did a Twitter NFT promotion/giveaway impromptu. We have also been officially verified on!

Mar 26, 2023: Much happening today. We will be minting some new ones, increasing the price slightly as well as the donation rate. Made some minor updates to the roadmap on Discord. 

Mar 22, 2023: Today we just launched the Fire Animalz YouTube channel and posted the first video! A wonderful testimony from the Judge Fite Charitable Foundation. We have already completed all the items for the roadmap and have moved into Q2. My goal here is to under-promise and over-deliver. Let's do this!

Mar 14, 2023: We now have roadmap and giveaway channels in Discord. We need to create a similar roadmap page for website. Next few days I will be out in the field working so not much time to be able to devote on project. Will be a few days of relative silence.

Mar 11, 2023: Have not posted much in the last few days but we have been busy! What has happened? We have minted some baby penguins. A couple just sold today! We made a huge Twitter announcement on what is going on. We did another announcement on a massive Hosky giveaway. We are also supporting my nephew, Lanny Cordola in his life endeavor called the Miraculous Love Kids which is such an amazing cause! Oh and, we are going to be making a donation today and our very first community wallet distribution goes live today! Life is good.

Mar 6, 2023: I added a links page and also announced that we will be supporting Lanny's project. We just need to make some Twitter announcements but out of time today. A lot to announce like the increase to charity, the addition of a community wallet. We also purchased the $faz_community handle. So much going on. 

Mar 5, 2023: Today is family day so not doing a whole lot. I did identify one wallet to be a community wallet and transferred over $faz_community handle to that wallet.

Mar 4 ,2023: Started a fresh new three week sprint today! I have but one focus that I can't fully disclose just yet publicly. Working on some domain bug as well. Will be doing a fresh mint today as I have some flex time at the moment. We are ready to make a new donation as well (just working on something I can't disclose yet) and working on a community wallet. The community wallet is TBD on what purpose will be. Maybe marketing or giveaways/airdrops. It would be nice to reward current supporters in this fashion.

Mar 1, 2023: The Giving Block won't work for this project since there is no way to set it up beyond case by case basis. Started a new March blog so now we are about a month into project. So much has happened in such a short time! Working on this smarter and not harder. Reminding self to just have fun and not feel pressure about time. Really happy with the direction this has been going.