Blog: January 2023

Jan 31, 2023: Cleaned up Twitter icon. We may have a candidate for an initial charity partner. Looking for one more and then we can work towards doing a first donation, probably in February. Eventually would like to do these quarterly. Tomorrow, I plan on doing some blog organizing and structuring.

Jan 30, 2023: Starting a blog today just to document progress for FireAnimalz. Put in a Transaction page on website that links to a google sheet with transaction details. Put in a Special Thanks page to get that in position. We are still in the process of finding a local, wildfire prevention fund. So far I am looking at a 4-6 here in Texas area. Also started a wallet delegation over to A4G pool because we need to all support each other. Just continuing to have fun. Consistency is undefeated. Little changes over time. Need to have clearly defined Vision, Mission and Values so compass direction is going in the right way.