Family love for great causes and digital art unite!

Family fun and bonding by supporting causes that are near and dear to our hearts while expressing ourselves through digital artwork.

Current Donation Rate: 22% 

Current Community Wallet Giveback Rate: 10%


Rookie Squad A - Genesis Collection

99 wonderful pieces of digital art created on the Cardano blockchain by our family for you to enjoy! We are having so much fun creating these together. A portion of the proceeds goes to causes that we support and also goes back to the Fire Animalz community. Come join us in this epic adventure and feel good about the NFTs you hold!

Policy ID: f372cabcf695a5133d495353e42babcba1a504ce0f2bee24b066a995

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New Merch Shoppe!

Opened April 1, 2023. Check it out!: here

Charity Donations

A portion of NFT profits are donated to support wildfire prevention, disaster relief, displaced families and other important causes.


A fun, family project where we encourage others to get involved with local community & volunteering efforts. An additional portion of NFT profits will go back to a Community wallet! Check out our Discord link to get more involved directly with our community: Click here

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